Propeller 2 on FPGA
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Author:  BigEd [ Sun May 25, 2014 10:59 am ]
Post subject:  Propeller 2 on FPGA

The nice people at Parallax are finalising their second generation Propeller chip (16 x 32bit RISC cores, 512k RAM, maybe 2000MIPs for the chip as a whole) and have released some bitstreams for early access. No source, of course. There are some pointers to the instruction set and other technical details. ... PGA-boards

The current (first generation) offering has 8 cores in a 40-pin DIP, with onboard 32k RAM and 32k ROM. Also 8 x 512 words of per-core memory.
It has a serial bootstrap code baked-in, and an interpreter for HLL application, a character set for video and some lookup tables for transcendental functions. You can program the device in interpreted code or at machine level.

Edit: I thought it was 8 cores but looks like it might be 16. It seems they have power envelope trouble at present.

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