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 A 12-bit lab computer for the Lattice iCEstick 
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After unzipping, please start your orientation with doc/overview.txt, reprinted below:

Getting started:
unzip to your desktop, use this working directory from the command prompt
examine/trust/rename asm.cmd.txt -> asm.cmd

Welcome to the TigerSOC DDE (disintegrated design environment).
All this fuss is about exploiting Tiger_opcodes.v (please read) on a Lattice iCEstick at 12 MHz.
The Tiger ISA executes all instructions in one (1) clock cycle.
See also RAM.v that infers the NR-suffix block RAM that makes single-cycle random reads possible.

A full DDE requires:
a Lattice iCEstick
unzipping to your desktop
Python3 for the Tiger assembler
a serial terminal emulator with raw file send capability
licensed installations of iCEcube2 and Diamond from Lattice Semiconductors
optional Icarus Verilog, recommended for those who boldly go
curiosity, observation, troubleshooting skills until things are just right

This is a clumsy and error-prone environment, so the first order of business ought to be to
use Diamond to burn the Diamond/TigerSOC_bitmap.bin image, i.e. the USB/UART bootloader.
But one is always at liberty to build an iCEcube2 project from the ground up.
See doc/icestickusermanual.pdf for entering the correct Diamond parameters.

Once your iCEstick is burned with the USB/UART bootloader,
the edit/compile/refresh/test loop no longer requires iCEcube2 or Diamond sessions.
From then on, all you need is the command prompt, Python3, a text editor, a serial terminal emulator.

TigerSOC.pcf is the pin configuration file. Please browse the file tree for further reference.

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