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 Some C compilers 
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(well, the air turned blue there for a while as I lost a previous draft of this...)

Over on stardot, davidb just found an upcoming presentation for a C compiler project, and that led me to an interesting writeup about another project, and I thought it might be good to have some collected links to C compiler projects, inevitably in various states of progress.

First then, Rui Ueyama's interesting story of building a C compiler over 40 days. Even an experienced C programmer might find the language is more complicated than they thought.

Second, I should mention two existing threads here:
- C64 Compiler by Rob, a more-than-C compiler targeting several cores, including FT64 and OPC6
- Ide68k C compiler an IDE found by Dajgoro

And now, here are some links to repositories:
- bbc-c "C compiler for the BBC Micro series of micros" mentioned above (written in python)
- 8cc, the 40-day compiler mentioned above.
- LCC: A Retargetable C Compiler: Design and Implementation
- TCC: Tiny C Compiler by Francis Bellard
- cc65 of course, for the 6502
- Puppeh's gcc-6502 work in progress (and support tools including a libc)
- bcompiler, bootstrapping "a tiny compiler for a toy programming language somewhat reminiscent of C and Forth"
- C in four functions as an educational demonstration (good discussion here.)
- legacy cc - "earliest versions of the very first c compiler"
- selfie, an "educational software system of a tiny self-compiling C compiler, a tiny self-executing MIPS emulator, and a tiny self-hosting MIPS hypervisor."

Once upon a time, there was going to be a huge space-trading-exploration online multiuser game which would involve programming the ship's computer. The architecture was called DCPU-16 and was a bit similar to a 6502. Several people started working on compilers for this architecture - their work might be interesting as starting points.
- dcpu16 target for LLVM (my fork of a vanished project)
- LLVM backend for dcpu-16 processor - a spiritual successor to the above
- DCPUB, "a language similar to B"
- TenC, "A high-level, C-like language for the DCPU-16"
- py-dcpu-c-compiler C to DCPU-16 compiler written in python.
- DCPU-TCC "Super Awesome DCPU C Compiler based on TCC"
- d16cc "A C compiler for notch's DCPU16"
- 0x10c-Compiler "Effort to create a compiler for 0x10c"

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Here is another C compiler that might belong on your list: or


Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:41 pm

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Thanks Xark - that looks pretty interesting, as it targets x86, MIPS or trillek RISC, and is self-hosting.

Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:43 pm

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You are very welcome. I will also mention that a friend of mine Valentin ported this compiler to his custom Sweet32 FPGA CPU (RISC-ish). It worked quite well. Code (for VHDL CPU and compiler port) are at


Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:10 am

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