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 Early Italian transistor computers: Elea 9003 and Elea 6001 
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My first two computers: Elea 9003 and Elea 6001 By Luigi Logrippo
The Olivetti Elea 9003 was the first industrial electronic computer made in Italy. The first 9003 was completed in 1958 and its commercial announcement was made in 1959. About 40 were produced.

The Elea 9003 CPU was entirely transistorized, but not integrated. In fact, there were approximately 300,000 components in a typical system, between transistors and diodes.

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It's interesting that they considered Greek characters to be more important than lower-case Roman ones.

It's hard to imagine the financing risk that went into colosal projects like that that sold so few units, had no pre-existing software for, no guaranteed market, required a team of maintenance technicians just to keep it running at all, etc..

It's always interesting to look into computer history and see what efforts were made to get us to the last 2-3 decades where we get to have the easy life when it comes to computers. I always wonder, "How would things have been different if __________ or if _________," and you can fill in the blanks with all kinds of imaginations, regarding both software and hardware. Everything was new though, and there was very little experience to draw on to maximize the results that would have otherwise been possible with the same technology. A part of town area two miles from us used to have a half-dozen really good used-book stores that were always fun to browse. I bought several books there, but cheap as I've always been, I passed up a couple of really good ones and was later kicking myself for it. I thought at the time that they wanted too much for them. One was on computer history.

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Thanks for that link! There's a lot there.

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