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 Project Kiwi - a 68k Homebrew Computer 
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Simon Ferber has been building a 68008-based SBC



CPU MC68008, clocked with 10MHz
RAM 4MB DRAM, 512kB dedicated VRAM
Video Yamaha V9990 Video Display Processor
Audio dual SID stereo (MOS6581 or MOS8580)
Mass storage IDE/ATA and floppy disk interface (WD177x)
Time/Date Realtime clock Epson RTC72421
Network 10base-T Ethernet (CS8900a)
Interfaces PS/2 compatible Keyboard and Mouse ports
Two Atari style Joystick ports
RS232 and parallel ports
ROM 32KB EPROM with IDE/ATA Boot Code
Operating system Enhanced Basic 68k

via Hack-a-Day

Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:52 pm

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The project is open source. All you need to build a Kiwi is available for no charge. What "legacy" doesn't understand is the fact, that the developers subversion repositories contain yet unreleased programs for Kiwi which are in development. He ignored the fact, that he can find everything he needs in the forum and the website. Some other members of the community and myself tried to help him, gave tipps and provided links. He always ignored those and never followed the links. He asked things which were already described on the frontpage (e.g. what PCB program we used). Last but not least he became rude, insulted us ([details removed by moderator]) just because he doesn't get access to the developers repositories. We don't need to release anything to the public even though the hardware project itself is. E.g. the Raspberry Pi is an open project but you would have to pay for video codecs... However, we will release our work to the public when it is ready to be released and not when someone claims it.

- It is called lwIP not ucTCP/IP. It is licensed under a modified BSD license not GPL.
- Indeed, the documentation could be better as it is just a spare time fun project. But everything you need, you find on the website and forum. The members are willing to help too.
- The gEDA project files are available in the forum as well.
- The toolchains works well. It's a GCC cross toolchain.

Anyway, he is on his own little private campaign against our hobby project instead of using his energy on his own project. Which is very sad. He ignores the fact, that he could build a Kiwi on his own and doesn't need to buy a kit. Latter is just an option for those who are lost else.

Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:23 am

Joined: Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:54 pm
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Thanks for clarifying - and for dropping by!

Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:34 am
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