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A healthy forum needs members, and you get members by
- being found
- having something to find

I think we need to post about exactly the things we'd like to see here. Posts need to have a fair amount of description and preferably a picture: the description is to ensure the search engines like the site and the picture is for people. People like pictures. We shouldn't make posts which are just lists of links without supporting information. See how hackaday does it: you get some description and a picture and usually also some links to supporting information or related sites.

That said, here are some links which I think could be made into posts:
- (or something more appropriate from EEVblog)
- ... z80+cp%2Fm
also, previously advised to Jeff and Dajgoro:
- ... 2-elf.html
- ... f-1-33.htm
- ... ravaganza/ (actually already mentions Dajgoro!)
- ... 6-vs-2010/

Can I suggest everyone picks a random link and fills it out into a well-titled post (in a new thread of course) with a picture and a couple of paragraphs? Claim a link by posting something minimal, then edit your post to full splendour.

There'd be no harm in doing the same with appropriate posts or threads from describe it and link to it. There are several such posts about debugging, logic design, circuit construction, traps for the unwary.

If we're linking to a book or an encyclopaedic web site, it's best to include a description and a table of contents. If your post couldn't be found by searching, it needs more text!


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