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 Novasaur - Retrocomputer, late-70's TTL logic, no MPU 
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Not entirely unlike the Gigatron, but with lots of RAM and ROM and able to run CP/M (by emulating an 8080). Uses ROM for the ALU function.
The Novasaur is a full-featured personal computer built from less than three dozen Advanced Schottky TTL chips (circa 1979). It supports an 80-column SVGA text display, PS/2 keyboard, programmable sound generator, RS232 serial, and an Intel 8080 byte-code interpreter. The machine is capable of running early 80's computer games and CP/M using a built-in 254k RAM disk. ... rocomputer
    Dual Processor CPU/GPU (Harvard Architecture).
    33 MHz dot clock, 16.5 MHz data path, 8.25 MHz per processor (~3.5 CPU MIPs)
    256k ROM: 96k ALU, 64k native program, 64k cold storage, 32k fonts.
    512k RAM: 7 banks of 64k user, 60k display, 4k system.
    76 ALU functions including multiply/divide, system, and math functions.
    Bitmapped Graphics: Hi-res mode up to 416x240 with 8 colors and 4 dithering patterns. Lo-res mode up to 208x160 with 256 colors, double buffered.
    Text Mode: 8 colors FG/BG, 256 line buffer, up to 104x60 using 8x8 glyphs, 80x36 and 64x48 rows using 8x16 glyphs.
    Audio: 4 voice wavetable synthesis, ADSR, 8-bit DAC, 8Hz-4.8kHz.
    PS2 Keyboard: Native interface built in.
    RS232 Serial Port: Full duplex, RTS/CTS flow control, 9600 baud.
    Expansion Port: 7 addressable 8-bit register ports, 4 interrupt flags
    Chip Count: 34 TTL (22 CPU, 12 GPU), 1 ROM, 1 RAM, 1 PAL, 4 analog.
    Gate Count: 1,425 (935 CPU, 490 GPU)
    PCB size: 8" x 5" (200 x 125mm) double-sided board.
    Power: 6v @ 1.6A (10W)

Presentation as Google doc - (2023 VCF East)

Might yet be a kit for sale - keep an eye on

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