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 Vice works with Pocketchip 
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Vice works with Pocketchip

Vice works with Pocketchip. Unfortunately this device is for Hackers, advanced users and people who know multiple disciplines. There is forum support for Pocketchip but I am still experiencing issues where my device doesn't connect to Wifi, still can't flash the device, etc. Vice works with Pocketchip but it might be a while before support gets better for this to be a commercial product. It also helps if you know Linux.

More information here: ... -chip/6150

It would be nice to see if someone could make this ARM product a 6502 platform because I would like to see that.

Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:17 pm

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Did the recipe for installing Vice not work for you? I see this is a general ARM-based Linux handheld - so it should be able to run any 6502 emulator you prefer. What would you regard as a success in making it a 6502 platform?

Pocket C.H.I.P.
´┐╝CPU : 1 GHZ ARM v7
RAM : 512 MB
GPU : Mali 400
Display : 4.3" Touchscreen with 480px by 272px
Connectivity : Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, 1/8" Headphone jack, video out, full size keyboard, stand port, easily accessible GPIO breakouts
Battery : 3000 mAh 5 hr
Price : $49 USD (limited time offer, expired. Now $69 shipping in October.)

- from ... -only/6208


Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:27 pm

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I didn't buy a bluetooth keyboard for it yet and I have tried to connect to the Wifi but I can't. One of the problems is that the unit doesn't allow you to see what you're typing and more people have success with a bluetooth keyboard. I don't know the procedure for installing Vice on it since I don't have the Wifi working on it and I'm not a Linux user.

Some users are reporting problems with the VGA voltages and others are saying that you need to use a powerbank with the unit although I haven't had any problems yet with the internal battery. However, I've had to replace the lithium battery in my TomTom GPS twice and batteries that small don't last that well in my GPS.

The hobby electronic companies have yet to fall in love with Chip which may mean that it isn't for beginners because Chip uses a full CPU and there are multiple disciplines involved (Linux).

I like Chip a lot but I was expecting a little more but this unit is hackable if you are in it for the long haul.

For those who don't know Linux:

Learning the Shell:

An Introduction to Linux Basics: ... nux-basics

Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:07 am

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So, you try to set your wifi password in the gui, and it doesn't echo, so you're not sure if you have the password right.

It seems some people have more luck setting up the wifi in the command line. Have you tried that? (I know you're not a command line native, but you only have to type!) ... sid/4720/2 ... ork/5183/2

Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:56 am

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Thank you, Ed. I wasn't able to follow the instructions from the website because I don't understand the syntax of the command but I figured out how the keyboard worked.

I used the GUI to connect to Wifi once I understood how the keyboard worked. It is unlike a phone keyboard that holds the letter capital until you press a key and then it goes to lowercase. This keyboard is like a manual keyboard where you have to hold the shift down while you type a capital letter. All wep passwords have letters and numbers where the letters have to be all capital.. I wasn't able to see my typing because Chip does not display the password and there is no "unhide" option for the text so I was typing blind and wasn't able to see what I was doing.

I installed Vice and rebooted.

I entered some of the commands again and then I got a Commodore 64 image on the screen.

After rebooting, all I have to do is type x64 to run the Commodore 64.

I'm not use to Vice and this is slow going. We're running a larger screen image on a smaller screen so I'm not sure where I can go from here.

PocketChip 64.jpeg

This is a bad picture and I'll try to get a better one in better lighting but I'm not sure if I will get the contrast.

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Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:31 am

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That's certainly progress!

Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:17 am
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