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 something about "real" software 
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All this software, reminds me that REAL software, was never ment to run on 8 or 12 bit micros,
but allways cross compiled on a PDP 10 or a IBM 360 in Fortran. Now we cross compile HARDWARE,
just to fit all on a single FPGA with BLOCK ram/rom. Did any one ever develop real software as
self compiled system, like PASCAL or ALGOL as P-Code for the 6502 rather than Basic in Rom?

Thu Jan 02, 2020 6:51 am

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I do not really understand what you mean by REAL software.
But around 1982 I had a homebuilt Z80 computer. At first it had a cassette recorder, but later it had a 6.5 MByte harddisk, type 2311 from a IBM360 system. It was as big as a washing machine. I made a Pascal compiler in Z80 assembler, that produced an intermediate code. It included a floating point package. And of course there was a simple operating system and a text editor. No cross compilation then, as there was no other computer around. (Although the first monitor program for that system was written on punched cards and assembled on a DEC-10 from the university. Programmed in 8080 assembly because the Z80 was too new for that assembler. The binary result was punched on paper tape and fed into the university's eprom programmer. The 2716 Eprom (2KB) did cost 80 Dutch Guilders then).

Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:50 pm
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