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 Cray-1 internals - technology briefs from 1984 
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Derek Foulk is uploading a series of 1984 VHS training videos to YouTube, addressed at engineers or technicians, describing the Cray 1 series implementation, from logic gates up. All the voltages are negative... and the pullup resistors, one per logic gate, are pulling up to -2V.

There's also a bit about twisted pair signalling between logic boards, where one of the pairs is terminated at a pullup, which I can't say I understand at all.

(Almost) all the chips are the same 16 pin dual-NOR with 1ns propagation delay. With an external pull-up, and with wired-AND capability, and with both true and false outputs.

Here's part 1, first 10 mins
next 10 mins, which concludes unit 1 (The 5/4 Gate) and starts unit 2 (The Master Clock)
next 10 mins continues unit 2

and that's all, so far. I'll update this post and bump the thread when I notice that more have turned up!

Unit 3 is the Module Clock, unit 4 is the Latch, and unit 5 covers Documentation.

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Thank you, this is very interesting !


Thu Jun 16, 2022 5:04 pm WWW
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